Congressman Ralph Norman: ‘America Needs God, Not Gun Control’

America needs God. That is a truth that cannot be spoken enough. For years now, lawmakers have fought to remove God from every aspect of our country’s foundation. Although the crosses may not be hanging where they once were, we can still see their outline.

We know beyond a doubt that we need God, yet we continue to swim in the filthy waters of a faithless pool. Then when mass murders happen and people die, people cry out, “WHY GOD!?” They curse him and ask him how he could let this happen….

But…..we kicked him out. Remember? How could he stop it when we have told him that he is not welcome?

Congressman Ralph Norman went on live with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM’s host Alex Marlow on Tuesday. They spoke about the atrocities of the Las Vegas massacre that took more than 50 lives on Sunday.

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Norman’s response to Las Vegas and the liberal’s call for immediate gun control was: “For this to happen just shows the issues this country has.”

He said, “To say that guns ought to be more regulated is just the wrong way. Now, what ought to be the topic of discussion is the tragedy that took place and how we can help to get God back into the mainstream of public life and it was absent in the killer and anyone that tries to make political hay, again, by talking about gun control, is backward in my opinion.”

In other words, our country needs God, not gun control. You see, guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Our country has a heart problem, not a gun problem.

Here is the full interview:

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