Congressman Ed Royce Speaks Out on Iran at Temple Valley Beth Shalom, in Encino, California

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last”  —Winston Churchill


Memorial Day Weekend: A Special Service

Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA) spoke at Temple Valley Beth Shalom, in Encino, California, on Saturday, May 23, 2015, to honor the nation’s veterans for a special Memorial Day Weekend commemorative service.  Veterans of World War Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom were in attendance.

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Memories of the Anti-Semitic Police State

Before Royce’s address, Rabbi Ed Feinstein spoke briefly to the congregation, remembering how his grandfather, who was reared in anti-Semitic Europe, could never bring himself to feel completely comfortable around soldiers in uniform—even in America.  Where Rabbi Feinstein’s grandfather grew up, soldiers represented the police state and were a physical threat to Jews.  “Thank you,” said Rabbi Feinstein, addressing all the veterans in attendance, “thank you for serving as the instrument that defends all of us from threats to our freedom; thank you for giving us a place to live where no one has to fear a knock on the door in the middle of the night.”


A Debt of Gratitude

Congressman Royce, upon taking the pulpit, acknowledged the nation’s debt of gratitude to its men and women in uniform.  Royce further expressed the notion that Americans cannot afford to become complacent with regard to the situation with Iran.  America has enjoyed such a prolonged era of peace and prosperity at home that it is all-too-easy to lose sight of just how dangerous the world is today and just how important it is to have a strong military.


Hezbollah and Hamas: Iran’s Surrogate Jihad against Israel

Back in 2006, Ed Royce was in Haifa as Hezbollah was bombarding Israel with what would ultimately become 20,000 rockets.  According to Royce, the casualties inflicted upon Israel were horrific.  And Iran has now rearmed Hezbollah with 80,000 new missiles!

Addressing the situation in Gaza, Royce expressed his dismay that Iran has sent men to help Hamas rebuild the tunnels destroyed by Israel in the summer of 2014, during their defensive strike against the Iranian-sponsored Jihad.  Iran has also promised to rearm Hamas with new weapons, in order to renew the Jihad against Israel once again.


Complacency Must Not Lead to Appeasement

While Israel is considered Satanic in the eyes of the Iranian regime, it is the United States that is viewed as being the “Great Satan.”  America has been called that, nonstop, in every mosque in Iran since the Shah was overthrown, including last Friday, May 22, 2015.  It is an ongoing Islamic slur against America.  “We cannot afford to be complacent,” said Royce.  “We must not appease Iran the way England appeased Hitler prior to World War Two.”


Learning from History

ed_royceAlthough Winston Churchill sounded the warning about Germany’s arms build-up back in 1934, his exhortations to prepare for war only drew criticism from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who responded by accusing Churchill of being a warmonger.  Congressman Royce was concerned that Americans not fall into the same trap of seeing anti-Iranian actions—such as the renewal of economic sanctions against the Jihadist nation—as barefaced, unequivocal warmongering.  The goal of sanctions is to make it difficult and costly for Iran to ready itself for Jihad against Israel and America.  Only a show of strength on our part will succeed in avoiding Islamic Jihad, when it comes to Iran.


Churchill’s Warning

The speech Royce was referring to took place in March of 1934, when Winston Churchill attempted to alert England to the Nazi menace.  “Germany is arming fast,” warned Churchill, “and no one is going to stop her.  I dread the day when the means of threatening the heart of the British Empire should pass into the hands of the present rulers of Germany. . . .  I dread that day, but it is not, perhaps, far distant.”

As Hitler’s arms build-up accelerated, and 1936 saw the Rhineland militarized, Churchill authored a newspaper column, cautioning readers that the Third Reich “is arming more strenuously, more scientifically and upon a larger scale, than any nation has ever armed before.”  As a result, Churchill’s critics disparaged him as Britain’s “number one warmonger,” and his warnings went unheeded.  It was not long before his predictions about Germany’s annexation of Austria and military aggression against Czechoslovakia came to pass.  A non-aggression pact with Russia followed, and eventually Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, starting World War Two in earnest.


The Ayatollah Threatens Israel

Royce expressed his distrust in the Ayatollah Khamenei, who “speaks of eliminating Israel from the map.”  According the congressman, this should give anyone pause.  “After the last six million Jews were killed by a dictator who threatened to do so, we cannot afford to take any chances with the next six million Jews in Israel who are now under threat of nuclear annihilation by Iran.  We have to take the things these dictators say seriously.  We have to believe them.”


A View from the Chair: “Trust But Verify”

Royce, who is the Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, voiced his reasoning that, if any nuclear deal ends up being struck with Iran, the Reagan-era policy of “trust but verify” must be enacted.  The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) must be granted free license to go anywhere within the borders of Iran to inspect for illegal weapons facilities.  And our economic sanctions must have teeth, so that there will be real pain for Iran if a favorable deal is not struck.


A Standing Ovation

Applause rang out, upon conclusion of Congressman Royce’s speech.  His high level of concern with regard to Israel, and how the Iran nuclear deal might affect both Israel and America, resonated deeply with the audience.  And listeners expressed their appreciation by rising to their feet in approbation.

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