Congress Won’t Pass Immigration Reform that Trump Voters Want

Instead of real immigration reform, Congress is trying to go on their own, and failing so far.

Donald Trump ran on immigration reform. Many Republicans in congress disagree with him. They also disagree with each other enough to make their own plans fail to pass. One White House official called one of the plans in Congress, “Giant amnesty.” Donald Trump has said he will veto any bill that doesn’t end chain migration and the lottery system, as well as fund the border wall.

The Washington Times reports, “Bipartisan amnesty dies in Senate; McCain plan also fails.

With “Dreamers” watching from the viewing galleries, the Senate on Thursday shot down the bipartisan amnesty that would have granted them and 1.8 million other illegal immigrants citizenship rights, dealing a major blow to the chances for an agreement to clear before the March 5 deadline President Trump set for Congress.

Lawmakers also defeated a bigger amnesty offered by Sen. John McCain, and a more enforcement-heavy plan backed by GOP leaders and Mr. Trump was poised to fall as well, leaving the Senate without anything to show for a week’s worth of debate.


The most popular alternative, the bipartisan amnesty led by Mr. Schumer, won 54 votes’ support, which was still six shy of the 60 needed to be approved under the rules senators set for the debate. Mr. McCain’s more generous amnesty, meanwhile, won 52 votes’ support.

The bipartisan plan drew the support of eight Republicans, but three Democrats voted against it, saying that despite the generous amnesty for 1.8 million, they couldn’t stomach spending $25 billion on Mr. Trump’s border wall.

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