Conflict of Interest? Fox News Holds Christmas Party at Trump’s Hotel in D.C.

Gotcha! The headline is fake news, brought to you by MSNBC, perhaps the most well-known purveyor of fake news.

In a segment dealing with potential conflicts of interest during Trump’s presidential campaign, host Stephanie Ruhle claimed that Trump’s supposedly cozy relationship with Fox News went so deep that the network actually held a Christmas party at Trump’s hotel in D.C.

In reality, that didn’t happen. Fox News did not hold their Christmas party at Trump’s hotel. In fact, the network hasn’t even had their Christmas party yet. They’re scheduled to hold it at the Liaison Capitol Hill in D.C.

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Conflict of interest concerns with Donald Trump during his campaign are nothing new. Trump’s using campaign funds to pay for stays at his own hotels, flights on his own private jets, meals at his own restaurants, his own bottled water, etc. all raised campaign finance concerns, but nothing beyond that. If Trump had done something truly illegal, he wouldn’t be where he is now. He would have been stopped a long time ago.

As to where Ruhle got this false tidbit of information about Fox News’ Christmas party, no one really knows. I’m thinking Russian hackers.

She did offer an apology:

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