Confederate Flag in Flea Market Offends Shopper so He Calls the Police!

In Wallingford, Connecticut a flea market shopper was so offended, so incensed, so aggrieved on a recent shopping trip that he was forced to call the police! What could possibly have been so offensive in a flea market? Confederate paraphernalia (including a flag) and some Nazi memorabilia. Yes, for this a Wallingford man called the police because a vendor was selling Confederate and Nazi memorabilia.

The offended man says that he “was shaking and almost vomiting. I had to run. My grandmother had numbers,” referring to the numbered tattoos placed on prisoners by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s and 40’s. The man complained to police because none of the items were “authentic” memorabilia, but simply replicas, and said that many of the items were selling well.

The local NAACP and Anti-Defamation League (ADL) representatives both commented on the story with the ADL representatives revealing the typical fascist attitude that is becoming popular in America today. The assistant regional director of the ADL in Connecticut sounded morose when responding to the story, “It’s unfortunate that under the law people have the right to sell these things; but it doesn’t mean they should sell these things. It’s not a crime but I would call it hate. People look at the situation in Charleston and say it’s down in the South. But this stuff is here in Connecticut.”

Racism disgusts me, but so do liberal fascists who are always searching for new and creative ways to exert and pervert government power. ‘I don’t like this – how can I ban it?’

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When the police received the call they responded but quickly realized that no laws were being broken and that the law had no reason to get involved. Police chief William Wright commented that, “There was a table set up with this material. It’s not criminally illegal, but obviously it offended this person. It causes some people a sense of being uncomfortable. Certainly the owner could preclude this merchandise.” The mayor also got involved and asked the police to make sure there was nothing law enforcement could do (which there wasn’t – because we don’t live in Nazi Germany or communist Cuba).

Confederate Flag 8Again, I abhor racism, and people who purchase these kind of products for racist reasons are immoral and wrong for doing so, but not allowing them to purchase these products won’t make them less racist. Also, the products in and of themselves are not racist and have historical, educational, decorative and artistic value and some people will purchase them for entirely noble reasons. There is absolutely NO REASON that these products should ever be banned or discouraged; moreover there is no reason for anyone purchasing these products (again, unless doing so for racist reasons) to be ashamed.

We have to fight back against the fascist politically correct liberal culture that preaches that all things unpopular must be banned. Stop banning stuff!

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