Compromised Evangelicals Hated Roy Moore before He Was Smeared

Because he resisted the Obergefell decision as tyrannical lie, Evangelicals hate Roy Moore as someone who makes Liberals angry.

Robert Gagnon writes that Evangelicals hated Roy Moore long before the unproven accusations were made against him. Gagnon has experience in that area since he has received hatred as a Bible scholar for faithfully declaring what Scripture says about homosexual activity and transgender behavior. And he’s right. Many “conservatives” (like the ones at the National Review) already hated Roy Moore and despised Alabama voters for siding with him.

Much of the hatred of Roy Moore goes back to his opposition to Obergefell.

Robert Gagnon writes at The Stream, “Requiem for a Senate Race Bombarded with Media Propaganda.

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Many influential defections happened before the November allegations against Moore. Some Evangelical Republicans complained loudly of Moore’s resistance to Obergefell. The Obergefell decision was the lawless imposition of “gay marriage” on the country. How does peaceful resistance to naked judicial tyranny count as lawlessness? Obstructing a quintessential case of lawlessness is itself the abandonment of the rule of law? Does that make sense?

There are only a few SCOTUS decisions as ludicrous as Obergefell (Dred Scott; Roe v. Wade? Plessy?). People have known for millennia that marriage is grounded in the biology of two complementary sexes. Male and female are compatible anatomically, physiologically, and even psychologically. Moreover, for over two centuries no one imagined that the Constitution established a right to “gay marriage.” Indeed, no one who ever had a hand in shaping the Constitution would have countenanced such a right. Then in June 2015 five rogue justices bypassed the constitutionally mandated process for amending the Constitution. By sheer judicial decree they wiped out the historic foundation for marriage.

Yet many Evangelicals showed less outrage at Obergefell than at Moore’s courageous resistance to it. One group of Evangelicals even chastised those outraged by Obergefell. Some of that same group then turned around and expressed outrage at Moore’s resistance to Obergefell. They became even more incensed by Moore’s candidacy. This happened before any allegations of misconduct surfaced. The attacks on both Moore and his supporters were often vicious.

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