Compare and Contrast Reagan and Obama on Crashed Airliners

Just a couple of short days ago a terrible tragedy shocked the world. A Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 295 souls was shot down near the Russia-Ukraine border. At 33,000 feet the plane exploded and everyone aboard lost his or her life, including at least one American citizen.

The incident immediately reminded many Americans of a similar tragedy that took place over 30 years ago. In 1983 the USSR shot down an innocent Korea Air passenger plane filled with innocent people. The downing of that flight shocked the world and reminded everyone of who the bad guys on the world stage really were… the communist Soviets.

This incident should remind us of the same thing… only instead of the Soviets, the bad guys are now just known as Russians.

On Friday, President Obama addressed the situation, and we thought it would be fun to let you compare and contrast President Obama’s comments on the Malaysia Airlines flight with President Reagan’s comments on the Korea Air flight.

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First, President Obama’s press conference about the Malaysia Airlines attack.


Now, President Reagan’s speech on the USSR’s downing of the Korea Air flight.


So, what do you think? Is one more “Presidential” than the other? Was one right and the other wrong?

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