Comey Admits Trump-Russia Connection ‘Unlikely,’ Could Testify Against McCabe

That clip should be getting airtime on every news show on every network and across every news website… but it won’t. It will only get replayed on sites like ours, where we care about our readers knowing the truth.

Two different bombshells dropped during James Comey’s recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday.

The first was that Comey finally admitted to the world that while it’s “possible” that President Trump may have colluded with the Russians, he believes (based on everything he saw) that it was “unlikely.” In fact, Tapper even exposed Comey as a hypocrite for handling the Clinton and Trump investigations in completely different manners.

Jake Tapper: Well, when you gave the press conference about Hillary Clinton in 2016, in the summer, you said, you didn’t say she didn’t lie or you didn’t say it’s possible she lied. You said, there’s no – you found no evidence that she had lied.

James Comey: Yes.

Jake Tapper: You found no evidence she had that email server, knowing that it was improper? But you’re not using the same construct of there is evidence or there isn’t evidence, you’re saying, it’s possible. That leaves the impression, for people, that there might be stuff out there – that there might be evidence that President Trump is under the thumb of the Kremlin.

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James Comey: Yes, but I see the Jake, you’re asking me about two different things. I’m not going to talk about the investigation of possible cooperation between Americans and the Russian effort to influence our election.

What you asked me about now is, why did I say what I said when people ask me whether I thought it was possible that the Russians had derogatory information on President Trump. I think it’s unlikely, but I think it’s possible.

Jake Tapper: But isn’t that construct unfair to President Trump in a way? Because the question was, if President Trump was compromised by the Russians, you say it’s possible. I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s possible. 

I mean, it’s possible there’s life on other planets, we don’t know. For you – somebody like you with your reputation, saying it’s possible. Isn’t – I mean, it’s also possible that it’s not true. Isn’t that another way you could look at the same question? 

James Comey: Sure, but I’m not looking to the stars saying, there might be green men out there. There’s a reason I say it’s possible. Two things struck me. One, the President’s constantly bringing it up with me to deny it. And in my experience as an investigator, it’s not an ironclad rule, but it’s a striking thing when someone constantly brings up something to deny that you didn’t ask about it.

And then, second, I’ve always been struck in my encounters with him that he wouldn’t criticize Vladimir Putin, even in private, which struck me as odd. Now, those aren’t definitive, those aren’t conclusive facts, but I’m not – the reason I’m saying it’s possible is, there are things that lead my common sense to believe that it’s possible.

Jake Tapper: But isn’t that, kind of, cute. I mean, you don’t – you’re not saying that you have evidence of it. You’re just saying it’s possible. I mean, do you have evidence that there’s – that President Trump has been compromised by the Russians? Have you seen evidence of it?

James Comey: No, and I think I’ve said that throughout…

That clip should be getting airtime on every news show on every network and across every news website… but it won’t. It will only get replayed on sites like ours, where we care about our readers knowing the truth.

However, that wasn’t the only bombshell that Comey dropped during his interview.

He also admitted that he could be called as a witness for the prosecution in a case against his former second-in-command, Andrew McCabe.

Jake Tapper: If they ultimately bring a case against Andrew McCabe, would you be a witness for the prosecution?

James Comey: Potentially. I don’t know whether the reporting is accurate. I know it’s CNN reporting, but I don’t know it of my own accord. But sure, given that the IG’s report reflects interactions that Andy McCabe had with me and other FBI senior executives, I could well be a witness.

Jake Tapper: You express a lot of horror in the book when public officials, or even celebrities, lie to investigators, whether David Petraeus, or Scooter Libby, or…

James Comey: Martha Stewart.

Jake Tapper: Martha Stewart.

James Comey: Yes.

Jake Tapper: So I would assume that you would be upset at Andrew McCabe. I haven’t really heard you criticize him the same you’ve criticized those others.

James Comey: Well, I didn’t — I hope I didn’t criticize them personally. I think it’s very important…

Jake Tapper: No, the act, though.

James Comey: Oh sure, the act is one I take very seriously, and so does the Department of Justice. What’s gone on so far has been the accountability mechanisms of the department working, because it’s a department that’s committed to the truth. And so it’s working — I don’t know whether there’s a criminal referral, what will happen, but that’s part of accountability. An examination of what the consequences should be if there was material lying.

Jake Tapper: But how do you feel about your former deputy, according to the Inspector General, lying? Lying to you, lying to investigators, for a leak that the Inspector General said was only motivated to preserve his own reputation, having nothing to do with the FBI or the public’s right to know.

James Comey: Conflicted. I like him very much as a person, but sometimes even good people do things they shouldn’t do. I’ve read the report. I’m not the judge in the case. I’m not the discipline decision maker in the case. I think it is accountability mechanisms working, and they should work, because it’s not acceptable, in the FBI or the Justice Department, for people to lack candor. It’s something we take really seriously.

Even with this admission, that Comey believes it’s likely that McCabe committed criminal acts, he can still be heard defending him on other networks and in other interviews.  Even here, he tries to explain to Tapper that McCabe is a good man who just made some mistakes.

These people are a criminal cabal, and they only turn on each other to save their own skins. Even when they do finally admit the truth, they do as Comey did… and find excuses for their allies criminal activities.

Here’s the whole interview:

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