A Comedy Show that Actually Likes America?

A Comedy Show that Actually Likes America?

By Rodney Lee Conover

Doesn’t sound possible in these politically correct days, but according to The Washington Times – there’s a new comedy show which does plenty of skewering of everyone – including the normally hands-off Barack Obama – without making it seem like America is the bane of everything evil.

The Flipside with Michael Loftus” is just what it sounds like:

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You’ve heard all the late-night jokes about how the U.S. is responsible for everything stupid and horrific going on in the world – now you’re finally going to watch a comedy show that gives you The Flipside:

By Jennifer Harper – The Washington Times

Those weary of annoying liberal chatter and America bashing in the comedy realm have a new alternative. That would be “The Flipside”, a weekly half-hour broadcast dicing through politics and culture, but produced by a group of stalwart creatives who have some serious conservative underpinnings, with a few dashes of libertarianism.

Monologue on Global Warming/Cooling/Whatever.. [BELOW]


Only six episodes into its fall run, and the new show has been picked up by three major cable broadcasters and 200 independent stations.

“I really want an optimistic outlook included in what we do. I want something upbeat. Audiences can go anywhere if they want to end up pissed off and angry,” Mr. Loftus continues. “And I don’t think that Democrats and independents or anyone else owns the right to be optimistic.

A conservative comes along with some optimism, and people flip out. They really do.”

The Flipside is taped in Dallas…but Michael Loftus is not worried!

dallas flipside


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“The reaction has been very positive. A lot of people have been waiting for a show that doesn’t slam America at every turn, or push a socialist agenda,” executive producer Kfir Alfia said in an interview. “Even if we were completely neutral, the audience would see it as a breath of fresh air. They’ve been waiting for a show like this.”

Find information on it all here: Theflipsideshow.com


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