‘Comedienne’ Who Attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has ‘Comedy’ Show Cancelled After Less Than 3 Months

Michelle Wolf, the little troll who attacked presidential spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders is out of work again. Netflix has cancelled her late night “comedy” show after less than three months on the air.

So, The Break with Michelle Wolf is a goner, huh? Good riddance, any sane person would say.

According to left-wing media website Mediaite:

The comedian made a name for herself earlier this year at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where her monologue received a mix reception, especially for her jokes targeting Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who attended the event. Wolf had previously appeared as a correspondent on The Daily Show and a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Wolf’s controversial brand of comedy continued at Netflix, which debuted shortly after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in late May. She compared First Daughter and White House advisor Ivanka Trump to herpes, made a satirical video linking ICE to ISIS while impersonating Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and celebrated abortions in honor of Independence Day with a parade and marching band.

Her show aired weekly and lasted ten episodes, the last one airing July 29th. Wolf has yet to make a public statement on her show’s cancellation.

On the “celebrated abortions in honor of Independence Day” bit mentioned above, you may recall that Wolf did a little musical number in her whiney delivery style celebrating abortion but dressed in red, white, and blue garb as if abortion is the best part of this country on Independence Day (at the end of the clip below):

But if you want funny, the way some of the people on Wolf’s show found out about their cancellation is pretty funny:

The Daily Beast reported late Friday night that the writing staff and showrunners of The Break with Michelle Wolf found out about their show’s cancellation on Twitter.

“None of us can believe how classlessly Netflix has handled this,” a source close to the show told The Daily Beast.

Come on, give it up for Netflix. Now THAT is funny.

Even if you like Wolf’s extreme, left-wing brand of “comedy” I am sure you’d quickly find her whiney delivery a bit much. Her voice is grating after a while and you just want to turn her off. Her mousy, whiney voice is simply too much to take.

But, she is indicative of Hollywood, sadly. They think all you have to do to be “funny” is to unleash a bunch of names directed at conservatives, Republicans, or Trump and his administration and, viola, “it’s comedy.”

Well, apparently few people were tuning in to see Wolf’s “comedy.” In fact, I’ll bet the glass-front washers at your local laundromat get more viewers than Wolf’s Netflix show did!

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