Comedian says No One Wants to Judge Muslims because They’re Afraid of Being Called Racists

Comedian and entertainer Adam Carolla is not politically correct. He is, however, the most accomplished podcaster EVER. Part of the reason for his popularity is his no-nonsense, politically incorrect manner. He’s proof that MOST Americans still identify with a more conservative bent on the political issues of our day – because, while Carolla is not necessarily a conservative, he is far from liberal on most policy issues.

In a recent podcast he went after the root problem with our war on terror and the Islamic radicals whole undertake such horrible events. In a few short minutes Carolla gets to the heart of our problem, and it has to do with the fact that some of our leaders can’t even really identify who it is we are fighting against!

Listen Below… but please be forewarned – Carolla’s show is Internet based and not subject to FCC regulations. Meaning, they say whatever they want to say and however they want to say it. There is a lot of cursing, innuendo and outright filth discussed. If you don’t want to hear any of that… DON’T LISTEN.


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Adam Carolla: Again, you can’t judge. What are we going to do? All religions are equal. Nobody’s bad. Everybody’s just misunderstood. What the fuck are we going to do or are we going to fucking do something?

The first thing every culture need to do is not let other cultures show up into their culture and fucking bibwhack. They need to just join the culture. If you move to the United States, join our culture.

Nick DiPaolo: Assimilation. 

Adam CarollaCarolla: No. It’s not a mosque set up and a bunch of people protesting with the shit over their head. Which is fine, your culture is fine. But here’s the deal, once you move into a new culture, you have abandoned your right to set up your culture in their culture.

Now, if you’re in love with your culture and your heritage and your dress and your garb and your religion and your rules, fine.

DiPaolo: Stay where the fuck you are.

Carolla: Nick DiPaolo, everybody. That’s about what I was going to say. BUT, if where you come from isn’t so fine, which is usually the case.

DiPaolo: Right.

Carolla: And is usually the reason why you’re fucking fleeing, not walking, not sauntering, not sashaying, but fucking fleeing to the culture that does have it right and I say has it right. I don’t mean has it better or has it different — I mean has it right. They’ve set up their culture in a way that welcomes others but the others assimilate and the whole thing works on a level and has been working for decades and beyond. Then go to that new culture. That culture will usually embrace you and you may join them.

But you starting your own camp in the middle of that, then we’ve fucking become like prisons. We’ve got the Mexican low-riders over there and the white Aryans over there and they eat over there and they eat over there and they can’t fucking co-mingle and when they do someone’s going to get a fucking shiv in them. That ain’t going to work.

And the problem with the culture that doesn’t want to judge is they never go and break up the fucking picnic.

DiPaolo: Well, they don’t have the balls to. Look, they’re calling our bluff is what they’re doing. We’re going to take over your shit. Stop us. That’s what it’s come down to. No one wants to say it.

Carolla: Right.

Carolla: But the deal is that nobody wants to be called a racist. I mean, I don’t know what the pecking order is — pedophile, then racist? Just a half notch below or above. You know what I mean? So nobody wants to be called a racist so who is going to fucking mouth off about something where you have an opportunity to crack the door open to be labeled or be called that. That’s the problem. And the problem that’s really happened is that the nerds that took over the internet and a lot of the news agencies have now called everyone a racist so it doesn’t really have any gravity anymore.

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