Comedian Rips Liberals in Awesome Stand-Up Routine

Saul Alinksy knew that RIDICULE was one of the essential “rules for radicals.”  Our side doesn’t do it enough — and often, when we do it at all, we don’t do it well.    – Comedian and Conservative Evan Sayet

Our colleague, the brilliant, wise and funny Evan Sayet recently got the chance to do what he does best — make people think and make people laugh. We think you have to see his brilliant commentary….


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“I argue that the modern liberal is the stupidest human being to have ever lived. How much stupider can you be than not only always wrong, but as wrong as wrong can be. 180 degrees from Right!”

“If the liberal is as stupid as I believe them to be, how does he keep rising to the tops of their profession. Then it dawned on me. Liberals reach the tops of their professiosn because they enter only those professions where you don’t ever actually DO ANYTHING.”

“When you don’t do anything, what can go wrong?!”

Dude is brilliant.

Before any of you teachers get mad, please remember I too am a former teacher. Teaching is a supremely important profession and it’s by no means easy… but we don’t actually do anything as teachers. We theoretically mold minds and shape people… which is what makes this routine even more terrifying/hilarious. Liberals can’t be judged by what they do in academia… but when they succeed, they are destroying our future.

We should be thankful for men like Evan Sayet who speak the truth in such an understandable way!

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