Comedian Jon Stewart Eviscerates the New York Times for their Coverage of Marco Rubio


If you’ve been watching the news over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed that the New York Times has been paying particular interest to Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). They’ve covered his 4 speeding tickets in 15 years, his purchase of what they called a “luxury speed boat” (it was actually an $80K fishing boat) and his purchase of a new house with big windows. They also brought up his old student loans, which he finally paid off with the proceeds from a book deal. All of this has been covered by the Times as if it were somehow salacious news and almost everyone, everywhere has been wondering… why?

Why is the Times so breathlessly covering information that seems to have no relevance or meaning to anyone as if it is somehow negative information?

Why not cover the “dead broke” multimillionaire Clinton family? They never seemed so interested in the fabulously wealthy John Kerry whose yachts make Rubio’s fishing boats look like a bath toy. Have you seen where Rubio lives in comparison to where Hillary Clinton makes her abode? It’s laughable!

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It’s not just conservatives wondering why the New York Times is hell bent on digging up worthless dirt on Rubio – even liberals are scratching their heads. Liberals like Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.



As for me, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I mean, the Times can’t be this shortsighted, shallow and stupid, can they? They have to have a bigger endgame in mind, and they’re just setting us all up for it… aren’t they? Or are they just this desperate to find something, anything, with which to smear Senator Rubio?

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