Comedian Evan Sayet Explains Why He is a Climate Denier

Our dear friend and very funny guy, Evan Sayet, recently republished one of his most popular articles. He brought it back to celebrate Earth Day and the wonderfully hypocritical way the Left in America seems to revere the day. Movie stars take the opportunity to fly their private plans to environmental speaking engagements, the President makes round trip flights on Air Force One to various Earth Day celebrations, and crowds of liberal Earth Day revelers leave parks filled with trash knowing that the media won’t recognize their hypocrisy.

Here’s what the brilliant Sayet had to say about Earth Day.


Originally published June 10, 2011 in Front Page Magazine.

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Why I’m A Global Warming Skeptic

By Evan Sayet

Let’s begin by acknowledging that the science of global warming is beyond the vast majority of us.  Nonetheless, this does not mean we turn off our brains and simply accept the pronouncements of those sounding the alarm and offering their remedies.  I am a global warming skeptic (to say the least) specifically because I have thought through the issue and the claims of the alarmists just don’t add up.  What follows is my thinking and what it is that has led me to conclude that global-warming is a leftist farce which is being perpetuated for both financial and political reasons.
First, I am skeptical because skepticism is the scientific starting point.  Not cynicism but skepticism.  This is especially true when the remedy being proposed is so drastic — in this case requiring the near-total dismantling of society as we know it.

global warming hoaxI am not overly impressed by talk of a “consensus” as there are enough good and serious scientists who reject the claims of the alarmists to make the pronouncement of “consensus” simply untrue. Besides, every wrong theory that had previously been embraced by society – such as the “fact” that the world is flat – was embraced by a “consensus” of scientists at the time and obviously that consensus was very wrong.

My skepticism is only increased with the knowledge that the science of climatology is relatively new, little tested and since its claims about consequences are decades and even centuries in the future, never proven by having had their predictions come true.  In fact, many of the alarmists’ most hyped claims have been proved by time to be patently wrong.  As one leading alarmist wrote in an email he thought would remain private, global warming has been on a fifteen year hiatus that he felt needed to be covered-up.

My skepticism of this new science is furthered even more by the knowledge that the “facts” upon which their models are created are based almost entirely on numbers that are not easily verified and which require great speculation to determine.  If these “facts” are wrong then the models are useless (to say the least0…



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