Comedian Adam Carolla interviews Ted Cruz, says “The Rich Have Done Well Under Big Government” but Young, Minority and Poor are Getting Hammered!

Comedian Adam Carolla is well known for his biting and relevant comedy. He’s famous to a generation for his work on the MTV show Loveline with cohost Dr. Drew Pinsky. He’s done several other popular TV shows and been in a few movies, but today Adam Carolla is best known as the world’s most popular Internet radio show. His podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most downloaded podcast.

Into this milieu steps Tea Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for an interview that could mean the world to his Presidential hopes. Carolla’s listeners are not some monolithic group of Republican voters – they lean left, right and center, tuning in mostly to hear Carolla’s acerbic wit and brash style of comedy. An introduction to these voters by Carolla could be a HUGE boon to the Ted Cruz campaign.

The interview did not disappoint, and Cruz proved ready for the task of reaching out to voters across every medium as he discussed his Presidential aspirations with Carolla.


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Ted Cruz on Liberal Policies Favoring the Rich while Hammering the Poor


Senator Ted Cruz: The sad reality is most of the political rhetoric you hear is just not true. For example, the Democrats love to say the Republicans are the party of the rich. 

Here’s the truth of the matter: The rich do just fine under big government. Big business does fantastic under big government, it gets in bed with big government, it has armies of lawyers and lobbyists and accountants. The people who are getting hammered are the people who are struggling. Right now today, this is an astonishing statistic, the top 1%, the millionaires and billionaires that the president loves to demagogue earn a higher share of our national income today than any year since 1928.

The rich have done well under big government.

Adam CarollaAdam Carolla: Yeah, I better vote Democrat.

Senator Ted Cruz: But the people who are getting hammered are young people, they’re Hispanics, they’re African-Americans, they’re single moms, they’re people who are struggling to achieve the American dream. There are people like my dad, who 57 years ago, fled Cuba with nothing. Couldn’t speak English had $100 in his underwear and washed dishes making 50 cents an hour. Those are the people getting hammered right now.



Ted Cruz on Promoting a Flat Tax and Abolishing the IRS


Senator Ted Cruz: So, I have laid out broad principles, we have not yet rolled out a specific tax plan, we are developing it now, we will be rolling it out in the next several months. What I have said is we should have a simple flat tax that is fair that lets every American fill out his or her taxes on a postcard, a simple rate which applies to everyone.

And which would enable us to reduce hundreds of billions of dollars in compliance costs people are paying all around the country. Next, it would produce enormous economic growth, but number three it would enable us to abolish the IRS, to get government out of our lives in a very fundamental way.

It reduces the power of Washington politicians. Right now, where lobbyists in Washington focus the most is on special tax exemptions and loopholes. There are more words in the IRS tax code than there are in the bible.

A flat tax that applies to everyone: that means politicians have less power to extract and extort favors.



Ted Cruz on Jeb Bush and the Establishment


Adam Carolla: Hillary Clinton on one side, Jeb Bush on the other. What do you think of the two?

Ted CruzSenator Ted Cruz: Oh look, I like Jeb Bush, I think he was a good governor in Florida, people are going to have to make a choice, whether they want to elect someone who is going to continue business as usual in Washington… or whether they are going to have someone who will stand with the people. And who is willing to stand up to both parties in Washington.

If you want someone to go along to get along, there are a lot of choices.

Adam Carolla: Jeb Bush being one of them perhaps?

Senator Ted Cruz: I’ll let the voter figure that out, and assess the record of each of ours, but I’ll tell you in my time I the Senate, what I have tried to do is, number one, tell the truth, and number two, do what I said I would do. And for that reason, you know, when we launched our campaign for president three weeks ago, The New York Times explained that ‘Cruz cannot win because the Washington elites despise him.’

Adam Carolla: That’s the greatest compliment ever.

Senator Ted Cruz: There you go. That’s the central point of our campaign. If you want the Washington elites, go with someone else. But if you want to change things then we have to be willing to stand up and say this is not making any sense.


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