Comedian Adam Carolla Has Some HARSH Words for Liberal ‘Social Justice Warriors’ [VIDEO]

Comedian/entertainer Adam Carolla hosts one of the most popular podcasts on the web, and he is no fan of the current trend towards liberal fascism.

While Carolla can probably best be described as “libertarianish” due to his socially liberal views, he has come down more and more on the side of the right, thanks to the present liberal propensity for undermining free speech. (In fact, Carolla should be an instructive case for conservatives, if we’ll strongly defend the rights of all Americans to speak freely and to live freely, the GOP could earn itself many more voters in a short amount of time.)

Carolla recently took on the whiny liberal millennials who continue to complain about the “hurtful” speech they are “forced” to endure.

Listen as Carolla rips liberals for destroying American culture, values, and freedom.

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(Be warned — there is some foul language ahead.)

There’s something that’s come up in this country that didn’t use to exist, which is envy. And it’s a big issue. It was understood back in the day, and we are empowering, we’re now dealing with the first wave of participation trophy, my own fecal matter doesn’t stink, empowered, I feel so f*cking good about myself, everyone’s a winner, there’s no losers, we’re dealing with the first wave of those f*cking assholes.

We’ve created a bunch of f*cking self-entitled monsters. And this has become the pursuit of my life where people are so far out of it in what they expect and what they think realistic is and what the set of rules that pertains to them versus the other guys- Because that’s what the bottom line is, ‘I want my Most Valuable Player trophy.’ ‘Well, you’re the slowest, fattest guy on the team.’ Why should he get one and I don’t?’ ‘Because he busts his ass and he runs a 4.4 40. That’s why he gets one.’ ‘Well, this is bullsh*t.’ And then everyone gets involved and everyone gives everyone a participation trophy and then everyone feels good about themselves but it’s not based on anything.


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