Colorado Middle School Won’t Apologize for Having Drag Queen at ‘Career Day’

A Colorado middle school apologized to parents for not warning them that a drag queen was going to speak to kids during the school’s “career day” event.

A Colorado middle school is now apologizing to parents for not warning them that a drag queen going by the obscene name “Jessica L’Whor” was going to speak to kids during the school’s “career day” event. However the school is not apologizing for inviting the drag queen in the first place.

The drag queen presented “her” career choice as a normal, everyday job to kids at Rocky Top Middle School in Denver, Colorado, last Friday, but over the ensuing days parents became outraged over the effort of the school to normalize drag queens.

The man posing as a woman reportedly read from a book about bullying, reports say.

“I had a couple kids that were like, ‘I’m gay in school and I get bullied every week and I don’t know what to do and just talking to you helped me realize that I can still be me and still be happy,” the drag queen told KDVR.

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“I got messages being like, ‘Thank you so much for coming to my class. I was having a really horrible week and you made my day,'” the drag queen gushed.

However, in the days after the event, parents rose up demanding to know how the school could subject their kids to this person without telling parents.

The school refused to apologize for including the performer in the career day event, but did apologize for not being upfront with parents.

Per the Daily Mail:

Principal Chelsea Behanna sent a letter home to parents saying a handful of parents had expressed concern over Ms Jessica’s presence at the event.

‘Jessica, the drag queen, began her guest session with an explanation of her career -as did all other guests. She explained that she is a performer who, though a man, portrays a woman for her performances,’ Behanna said.

‘Jessica then read a great chapter from Horrible Harry in Room 2B by Suzy Kline. She used the text to illustrate the damage bullies can do, the need to always put kindness and acceptance at the forefront, and the shortsightedness of judging a book by its cover.

‘Students were completely engaged and asked lots of great questions.’

Behanna said she took responsibility for not notifying families ahead of time and apologized for any stress it had caused.

‘Moving forward, a prominent step in planning for next year will be to share the guest list for all families prior to the event.

‘Should you feel like any of the sessions are not appropriate for your child, you’ll be welcome to notify us and we’ll make alternat

This, folks, is “Jessica L’Whor”…

This is what goes on at your government-run schools when you aren’t paying attention.

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