Colleges Now Feature “Drag Shows” while Censoring Conservative Speech!

We are so lucky to have to good people at Campus Reform keeping an eye on how crazy things are getting in our colleges and universities across the country. If not for them, we might miss some of these very disturbing stories about the current culture on campus.

For example, did you know that this past week at the University of California in Merced was “Pride Week”? No? How about this. Did you realize that instead of celebrating “pride week” by reading books by famous homosexual authors, or studying the art, music and accomplishments of important gay thinkers… the students at UC Merced participated in the “Lube Olympics.”

Students at the University of California, Merced held a parade and carnival Monday to kick off “Pride Week,” which will culminate Sunday with a four-hour “lube Olympics.”

Lambda Alliance, an LGBT student group, is co-hosting the seven-day event series in collaboration with the “LGBTQ+ Initiatives” program run by the Office of Student Life, according to a university news release.

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 Other events scheduled over the course of week Include “a night of LGBT+ cultural expression,” an “LGBT+ slumber party,” and a drag show that has been held annually at the school for the past 10 years.

“Many individuals come to this diverse campus without a lot exposure to the LGBT+ community,” explained Lambda Alliance vice president Andre Frise.

If I’m honest, the rampant expression of immorality doesn’t surprise me. We live in an immoral culture that doesn’t recognize good from evil, or right from wrong. What is surprising is that these colleges openly allow many forms of debauchery on campus, but if a conservative even considers stepping foot there, these same liberals freak out.

On the opposite side of the nation from UC Merced, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro was speaking at the University of North Carolina, something which UNC’s liberal students fought tooth and nail against. When Shapiro was not disinvited, the liberal students instead staged a walkout and refused to hear any ideas that they might disagree with.

“Walking out just demonstrates close-mindedness and shouting down just demonstrates ideological fascism,” Shapiro told the audience at UNC.

Campus Reform caught up with the protesters who were obviously fuming that their fascism was not appreciated.

ben shapiro UNCThe protesters also held a rally on the steps of the building Shapiro was speaking in, taking turns discussing their feelings on the issue.

Protest organizer Charity Lackey told The Daily Tar Heel, UNC-CH’s student newspaper that Shapiro’s lecture was hate speech and she couldn’t sit through it.

“Let us leave this place that only serves to attack the existence of the other,” Lackey said. “He has fundamental beliefs, ideologies and systems that challenge my humanity and many other people’s humanities who are here.”

school-sponsored unity event with free food and mini golf took place nearby as a contrast to the perceived divisiveness of Shapiro’s lecture.The theme was #OneUNC and offered students a chance to share positive community with one another.

At least UNC allowed Shapiro to speak on campus; earlier this year California State University Los Angeles cancelled a planned speech from Shapiro because the school needed a “free exchange of ideas.” Sure, it may have represented the only time a conservative would speak on campus this year… but somehow his appearance was a threat to the “free exchange of ideas.” It would be laughable if it wasn’t so disturbing.

This is the America we live in, folks. Fascism has become vogue in the mainstream left where any speech they don’t like is immediately labeled as hate speech and attacked.

But don’t worry… at least you can watch the drag queens at the “Lube Olympics.”

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