College Students Sign Petition SUPPORTING ISIS

Ugh. College Students Sign Petition SUPPORTING ISIS.

Sometimes it hurts to pay attention to the news and current events. There is pain, heartbreak, evil, sadness, terror and mayhem. (There is good news too!) All of these negative emotions don’t mean that we should disengage ourselves from what is going on out there! Ignorance breeds failure, and the state of our modern political system proves it. Uneducated, ignorant voters run to the polls to vote for bad candidates, simply because said voter identifies with one party over another.

For example, generally over the last few decades, Democrats have won the majority of young voters (though many of these same people eventually turn into Republican voters as they age). So MRC’s Dan Joseph went to a local college campus to not only see what young voters thought about ISIS, but to see if they even knew what ISIS was.

To my surprise (though maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised), Joseph is able to get about a dozen signatures supporting ISIS, in just an hour’s time… all on September 11th.



We might be in some trouble.

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