College Student Harassed While Recruiting for Conservative Club

University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomore Kaitlyn Mullen had a table set up for a Conservative group she is a part of called Turning Point USA. The national organization has chapters on most college campuses in America, and is continuously opening on new ones.

Mullen, a big fan of the pro-capitalist and small government message, simply wanted to explain the views to others, and recruit new people.

She says that shortly after setting up, though, she was verbally attacked by women who approached and accused her of being a white nationalist and promoting KKK teachings.

She said that she began to cry because of the hostile atmosphere and that campus police eventually took her home.

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Omaha World Herald reports:

Mullen took photos and videos of parts of the incident.

UNL said through a statement Monday that it is “committed to free speech from all viewpoints” and expects the campus “to be a place of civil discourse.”

The statement said the atmosphere of civility Friday “was eroded by behavior that was offensive to many. … We are continuing our review of this situation, including discussions with all involved.”

UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green and Executive Vice Chancellor Donde Plowman met with Mullen on Monday.

Hank Bounds, president of the NU system, said through a statement Monday night that UNL representatives “had an opportunity to model how differing opinions can be exchanged with civility, respect and dignity. It appears that opportunity was missed. I’m deeply troubled that a student has been treated this way.”

Turning Point has a known “Watchlist” for students to see which professors are radically liberal and even socialistic. This allows students to take courses with other professors, if they so choose, in order to not be academically punished for their difference in political views.

One professor came and held up a sign near Mullen’s table that read, “Please put me on your watchlist. Prof Amanda Gailey.”  The professor is part of the UNL’s English department.

At least one other woman flipped off Mullen and held a sign that read: “Just Say No! to Neo-Fascism.”

Others had signs about the Watchlist.

Earlier, Mullen said, a man came out of the Nebraska Union and told her to move her table to another area because she was distributing propaganda and hadn’t reserved the spot. He said he would call the campus police if she didn’t move.

She said the police came but didn’t order her to move.

Mullen said she was eventually taken home by police once they had to come to her aid due to the intolerant women.

Isn’t it sad that a college Republican can’t recruit new members for their club, but liberal students can do just about anything they want and it is deemed free speech?

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