Cold Weather Breaks More Records

The cold weather blasting the Northeast, Midwest, and even the Southeast is breaking records set in the nineties.

These cold weather records are being set at a time when we are supposedly artificially warming the atmosphere.

Global warming would mean milder winters and would be a blessing to agricultural production. But that is not what we see happening. Instead, polar winds break out from the north and travel farther south than they have in the recent past, causing economic damage and even deaths.

The Weather Channel reports, “Dangerously Cold Temperatures to Grip Northeast After Winter Storm Grayson as Arctic Outbreak Continues.

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Temperatures near 0 degrees are possible as far south as central and inland eastern North Carolina, especially in areas where snow remains on the ground.

Even worse are the wind chills which will dip into the teens, 20s and 30s below zero across the Northeast region at times into the weekend.

Numerous daily cold temperature records will be threatened in the Northeast and Great Lakes this weekend.

Daily record lows within reach Sunday morning include (record to beat is shown): Boston (2 degrees below zero); Providence (1 degree below zero); New York City (4 degrees); Philadelphia (4 degrees).

If Philadelphia slips below zero on Sunday morning it would be the first subzero low temperature in the city since 1994.

New York City could record just its second subzero low temperature since 1994 on Sunday morning. The last time the Big Apple was below zero was on Valentine’s Day in 2016.

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