Col. Allen West Destroys Obama and Eric Holder for their Roles in the Ferguson Violence!

Tow of my favorite conservatives, Allen West and Steven Crowder, recently got together to discuss current events on Crowder’s brilliant podcast, Louder with Crowder. The conversation covered a range of issues from the Col. views on race and race relations, including President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s part in exacerbating the problems in Ferguson, Missouri, to Col. West’s stand against the Patriot Act!

I thought Col. West’s answer to “what message should conservatives be focusing on” was brilliant. He touts personal and economic liberty, which I also believe is always a big winner with the majority of voters and the majority of Americans. Conservatives need to get back to being the party or personal freedom and personal responsibility. The Republican Party has shifted too far to the left on certain big government issues, and we’ve lost our way as a result. Life is risky, which is part of what makes it so rewarding; we need to stop trying to compete with Democrats on eliminating risks by expanding government. Let people live, let them make mistakes, and let them learn from their mistakes.

“The preeminence of the individual – their rights and their liberties. The equality of opportunity as opposed to the collective vision of the equality of outcomes. That is a clear separation between who we are and who they are. They believe not in the pursuit of happiness as opposed to a guarantee of happiness that comes from the government. The thing that our young people need to come to understand is, their future is at risk – their economic security and their national security. That should be something that we should be able to convey…”


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Make sure to surf over to Col. West’s wonderful website to get more from him on a broad range of issues. Also, do yourself a favor and start listening to one of the best podcasts on the net – Louder with Crowder, where Steven discusses the most important (and not so important) issues of our day with humor and intellect.

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