Coast Guard Finds Missing Kayaker Alive After Suspending Search

Talk about a lucky man! Or should I say he is a very blessed man! A kayaker has been alive after the Coast Guard suspended the search for him on Thursday. The fortunate man survived in water that was only 49 degrees, in only a winter wetsuit and a life jacket.

Adrian Cerezo told the Coast Guard he was paddling off the coast of Maine when a wave knocked him out of his kayak around 10 a.m. Wednesday. The water was 49 degrees and he was only wearing a winter wetsuit and a life jacket at the time.

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Cerezo sent three “mayday” broadcasts over the radio before the device died. Unsure if anyone heard him, he took his kayak and swam to Bois Bubert Island, according to the Coast Guard. he got back into his kayak and paddled back to Petit Manan.

Then an officer from a Maine Fisheries and Wildlife heard Cerezo’s voice and recognized it from the news reports.


Command Duty Officer Ken Stuart stated, “It’s incredibly fortunate we located him safe on land,” he continued, “He absolutely did the right thing by researching the water temperature, recognizing the need to dress for the 49-degree water, and wear a lifejacket, all of which contributed to keeping him safe once things went wrong.”

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