CNN’s Van Jones Realizes Media’s Stereotype of ‘Racist’ Trump Supporters is Wrong [VIDEO]

CNN’s Van Jones visited a historically blue county – since 1976 – in Ohio to find out why a family of hardcore Democrats and Obama voters decided to vote for Trump this around.

He found that the stereotypes pushed by the (fake news) media about Trump supporters being racist, sexist, and “Islamophobic” were not accurate. If you recall, it was Van Jones who described Trump’s win as “whitelash.”

Basically, what Mr. Jones found was that everything that the media and the Clinton campaign threw at the Seitz family as reasons to not support Trump – one example being the Access Hollywood audio/video – they didn’t care one bit about. Their number one concern was the economy. Jobs. Hillary didn’t speak to them. Trump did. As Mr. Seitz noted, Hillary’s campaign message was “I’m with her.” But Trump’s was “I’m with you.

Regarding the “racist” stereotype, one of the members of the family said he works as a counselor to those affected by drug and alcohol addiction. He said that at his location, 80% to 85% of those he sees are minorities. He said if he were a racist, he wouldn’t be very good at his job. He doesn’t fit the stereotype imposed on him by the media.

The mother – the only female in the family – didn’t vote for either Trump or Hillary. She didn’t like either one. She voted Democrat down ballot, but she didn’t vote for president.

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Later, Van Jones asked why she as a Democrat woman didn’t vote for Hillary. He was aghast that she didn’t vote for the woman running for president. (That’s what’s most important to Democrats after all.) She didn’t like Hillary’s “morals.” Of course, she didn’t like Trump’s either.

As for Mr. Seitz, he didn’t trust Hillary – mentioning the email scandal as one reason. And even though he voted for Obama in the past two elections, he didn’t see the hope or the change he promised.

Van Jones was incredulous but noted that his stereotypes had been shattered.

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