CNN’s Racist Trump Is Fiction

Yesterday, CNN’s Jim Acosta posited a racist Trump, except countries aren’t races.

Racist Trump is a media production to shut up all national security and national greatness concerns. Jim Acosta said Donald Trump has “racist feelings” on the basis of his wanting to know why we are importing Haitians, El Salvadorians, and natives of some African countries as “[excrement]-hole countries.

If those countries aren’t accurately described by such crude language, then why is it so cruel for us to not import them into this country? And if they are such bad places, then why should the U.S. government subsidize their relocation to the United States?

Breitbart reports, “CNN’s Acosta: Trump ‘Seems to Harbor Racist Feelings.’

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CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta said President Trump “seems to harbor racist feelings about people of color, from other parts of the world” in response to the Washington Post‘s story about the president referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and countries in Africa as “sh*thole” countries.

After reading the statement the White House issued in response to the story, Acosta said, “Wolf, as you can tell from that statement, there’s no denial as to what the president said. They’re not denying that the president said this, in this statement. And so, we’re just going to have to press the White House further on this.”

According to the Washington Post story, Trump wanted more immigration from economically growing countries in Asia—hardly the preference of a white supremacist. The Post further reports,

Lawmakers were taken aback by the comments, according to people familiar with their reactions. Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) had proposed cutting the visa lottery program by 50 percent and then prioritizing countries already in the system, a White House official said.

So, even though eight people were murdered by a terrorist imported through the diversity lottery program—imported for no reason that would benefit the American people—Congress is refusing to end the program!

The bottom line is the media is doubling down on the argument that we must import immigrants that don’t make the country better or else we’re guilty of racism. The President’s crude language may have helped the media make that argument, but it is still wrong.

Read the full Breitbart story.

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