CNN’s Jake Tapper Attacks Trump for Pushing Vote Fraud ‘Conspiracy Theories’ [VIDEO]

CNN’s Jake Tapper went on the offensive and attacked Donald Trump for pushing “conspiracy theories” about vote fraud. Trump had tweeted out over the weekend that there was widespread vote fraud in California, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

Tapper said that Trump had attacked CNN simply for calling the President-elect out on his “baseless” conspiracy theories. In addition, Tapper got on to Trump for not holding a formal press conference in 125 days. Here’s what Tapper had to say:

President-elect Donald Trump announcing more Cabinet posts today while continuing to attack the media, particularly CNN, for pointing out that his claim that there were millions of fraudulent votes is baseless. 

The president-elect on Sunday peddled the false claim that rampant voter fraud in California, New Hampshire, and Virginia swayed the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Clinton currently leads Trump in the popular vote by more than 2.1 million votes. That means Trump’s total percentage of the vote is as of now 46.5 percent. That’s lower than that of Mitt Romney in 2012. 

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Now, yesterday, reporters did our jobs. We pointed out that the president-elect’s assertion about massive voter fraud had no basis in reality, citing Democratic and Republican officials from those very states who unanimously dismissed the claims. 

Not one credible official or news organization has suggested that the president-elect’s conspiracy theory of millions of fraudulent votes has any merit, and yet president-elect Trump is now going after those who are simply trying to convey these facts to you. 

Last night, he hit send on a string of retweets attacking CNN and attacking our own senior Washington correspondent, Jeff Zeleny. Zeleny tweeted back politely asking Mr. Trump to please forward any examples of voter fraud that took place on such a massive scale, since, of course, no evidence actually exists to verify those claims. 

Speaking of interactions with the fourth estate, it has been 125 days since Mr. Trump took questions from formal press conference. 

I wonder what Tapper thinks about Jill Stein (and Hillary Clinton) raising millions of dollars to fund recounts in three states on the basis of alleged vote fraud.

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