CNN’s Foolish Coverage of Trump’s North Korea Summit

These days it can be hard for Americans to find unbiased news coverage. Whether it’s TV, radio, or Internet – if you’re searching for news, it’s than likely that what you’ll find is biased.

These days it can be hard for Americans to find unbiased news coverage. Whether it’s TV, radio, or Internet – if you’re searching for news, it’s more than likely that what you’ll find is biased.

Sometimes that bias is conservative (for example, when you come here, we make no bones about our conservative slant to reporting on the days events), but more often the slant is from the left, and if you’re reading a mainstream outlet it’s more likely than not that they are hiding that bias from you. (We won’t ever do that. We’re conservatives and while we are always honest about what we write, it is usually colored by our own political biases.)

A perfect example of this biased news conundrum is the supposed “most trusted name in news,” CNN.

CNN was once considered the gold standard in reporting, but they’ve sadly devolved into a tabloid cable network.

I think that the very best picture of this comes from what has to be one of the most important roles at CNN – the job of White House correspondent. CNN’s White House correspondent is a man by the name of Jim Acosta who has made it his business to MAKE the news, rather than report it. Over the last two years he’s become infamous for browbeating Trump administration officials, instigating arguments with the White House press secretary, and making asinine assertions about what the President is or isn’t thinking.

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Here’s one of his “best” moments:

This one’s “good” too:

But recently Acosta raised the bar for biased, partisan idiocy when he decided to interrupt what was obviously a historic moment with his inane questions.

Here he is shouting out questions at a time that every other reporter seems to understand is not the time for questions:

It’s not as if Acosta’s questions were all that insightful either. These are things he could have asked later, at a more appropriate time.

“Any progress, Mr. President?”

“Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?”

“Mr. Kim will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?”

Notice, no one else is shouting questions. No one. Not a single person from any other news organization, anywhere in the world. Only Jim Acosta.

Here he is shouting while everyone is breathlessly watching history unfold:

Again, Acosta shouts questions that would be answered within minutes. At a time that seemingly everyone else understands is NOT the time for questions.

“Mr. President, did we agree to denuclearize?”

Then, “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?”

Probably not the best subject to bring up while two sides are attempting to navigate the extremely sensitive topic of ending a war.

And if you’re wondering how Acosta could be so brain-addled as to act like an impudent child while the world is watching… he answers that question for you… accidentally.

Acosta was caught gloating about his bad behavior on a hot mic.

Oh, but CNN’s terribly biased coverage could have been worse. Indeed, it was worse Monday night when far-left host, Don Lemon, held a discussion about the horrors of the lunch menu that President Trump and Kim Jong Un enjoyed earlier that day.

Here’s the menu from the lunch:

Obama lackey Samantha Vinograd whined that releasing the details of the menu “legitimized” Kim Jong Un and put “him on equal footing with other world leaders.”

CNN analyst Jonathan Wachtel worried about all of the starving people in North Korea (of which there are many), as if it would have been better if the pair of leaders had simply enjoyed McDonald’s instead.

Finally, host Don Lemon completed the fiasco of a segment by whining that the meal seemed rather “expensive.” As if any state lunch between two world leaders, during an important summit, has ever been inexpensive?

What a pile of FAKE news.

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