CNN’s Don Lemon on Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Accusation: ‘What if we Called Him a Fake President?’ [VIDEO]

As some have pointed out, the media have basically already called Trump a fake president. He is “Putin’s puppet.” He didn’t win the popular vote. He only won the election because the Russians “hacked” it. And the Russians pushed “fake news.” Liberals campaigned on getting Trump’s electors to defect, because he was an “illegitimate” candidate.

This is how the media have always treated Trump from the beginning – which is why they were sure he was going to lose. The only “legitimate” heir to the throne was Hillary Clinton. They’ve had egg on their face ever since election night.

And ever since then, they’ve been trying different things to oust him, or otherwise de-legitimize him. Tying him to the Russians hasn’t seemed to work, so they decided to release some secret “dossier” containing a bunch of blackmail material that the Russians supposedly had on Trump.

This is kind of like the Access Hollywood video that got leaked just before the election – except this time, this “dossier” contained only unsubstantiated rumors that might be appropriate for the grocery store checkout lane, but definitely not in the national press.

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Obviously, Trump is not going to be happy about all this. He refused to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, calling him and the news organization for which he worked “fake news.” Don Lemon wanted to know if Trump would like it if they called him a fake president:

But it’s not just about this dossier that BuzzFeed published (after CNN referenced it). It started with the whole “fake news” hysteria following the election, and it’s been going on ever since. There’s been a campaign to silence conservative voices. Anything that was critical of Hillary Clinton was “fake news.” This campaign will likely continue on for the next four to eight years.

We’ve all known from the beginning that this campaign – involving Facebook and third party “fact-checkers” like Snopes and PolitiFact – was never about filtering out disinformation. It’s been about eradicating anything that could have contributed to Donald Trump’s win. If Hillary had won, “fake news” would have never existed.

These CNN people are complaining about their First Amendment rights being violated. Give me a break. Conservative writers obviously don’t like being labeled “fake news” and feeling the brunt of the establishment’s campaign to bury us. Now, maybe they’re getting a tiny taste of what that’s like. They are after all – by their own definition – fake news.

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