CNN’s Dana Bash Wants Trump to Stop Attacking the ‘Extremely Dishonest’ Media

In his Cincinnati, Ohio “Thank You” speech, Trump criticized the ‘extremely dishonest’ press. He said, “We won it big, but then the people back there, the extremely dishonest press … how about when a major anchor who hosted a debate started crying when she realized that we won? How about that? And you know what she doesn’t understand? Things are going to be much better now.”

On Anderson Cooper 360, CNN reporter Dana Bash lamented Trump’s comments about the ‘extremely dishonest’ press and said she wishes he’d stop saying that. Here’s what she said:

“This is just a reminder that this is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. I mean, we knew that by the end of the campaign. But the question is what kind of president would Donald Trump be? And wow! I mean, it’s almost hard to wrap your mind around.

“I agree with you that there were lots of, you know, divisive comments especially and unfortunately about the press which I wish he would just stop doing and not only because we are members of the press, but because as leader of the free world, you do set an example for free press in countries around the world. And so, that was — I just — you know, he can’t help himself there and I just wish he would figure out a way to stop doing that.

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“But there was a line and I’m just point it up here, that he made that people have been asking him to make about unity and coming together. He said, we denounce all of the hatred and we forcefully reject the language of exclusion and separation and we come together. Now, I’ve been asking his people, you know, look there a lot of voters who didn’t support Donald Trump, who are really fearful. Why not give a unity speech. Well that wasn’t a unity speech but that little portion of that campaign speech is more than he’s ever done.”

If she wants Trump to stop attacking the media for being ‘extremely dishonest,’ then here’s a thought: stop being extremely dishonest. Now, for someone like Trump, he’s probably going to get on to you no matter what if you’re criticizing him. So, at some point, the media – Dana Bash – is just going to have to get over it.

But, Trump is right. In fact, saying that the media is extremely dishonest is an understatement.

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