CNN’s Dana Bash Asks Andrew Gillum How He’ll Pay For $33 Trillion Plan

I never thought I’d see someone on CNN grill a progressive on “where will you get the money…” I guess pigs really do fly.

Is he trying to bribe the country with the promise of free healthcare & college?

CNN’s Dana Bash asks Andrew Gillum how he’ll pay for his $33 Trillion health care plan. Here are his answers in order:


The plan will save trillions.

Florida can’t do it alone.

Taxes won’t be raised.

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We can help 700,000 people.

I had a rough childhood.

Trump/DeSantis to blame -I’ll raise taxes.


“A study earlier this summer from George Mason University estimates that Medicare for all, that plan, would cost the government $33 trillion — with a T — dollars over the next decade, which obviously would require a significant tax increase,” Bash said. “Are you ready to tell the people of Florida that they need to pay a lot more in taxes to fund your health care plan?”

Gillum struggled mightily in responding to Bash’s question as he tried to deflect from answering the question, saying that the $33 trillion health care program could save the government money. More

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