CNN’s Brian Stelter Caught Tweeting Out Fake News [VIDEO]

These people are supposed to be our overseers, but who’s overseeing them? Apparently no one really. They’re basically unaccountable. They’ll pretend to be outraged over the scourge of “fake news,” and how dangerous it is, but when they’re the ones disseminating it, even to the point of causing harm to a business, no one cares.

It started with self-described YouTube “prankster” Adam Saleh. He posted video of himself and a friend supposedly getting kicked off a Delta plane for “speaking Arabic.”

Delta Airlines vehemently denied that he was kicked off simply for speaking another language. In a statement, Delta said, “The customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting. This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight.”

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Note that this same internet prankster Adam Saleh has pulled several similar “terrorist-themed” stunts on other flights, describing them as “social experiments.”

In his most recently posted video, there’s no context provided. It’s just the supposed aftermath. Whether what he alleges happened actually happened, we won’t know for sure, unless there were other people on the plane who captured the entire ordeal on video.

But what’s particularly funny is that “fake news” watchdog and CNN host Brian Stelter retweeted out Adam Saleh’s video as if it were real.

Mind you, this is an awful lot like Michael Flynn, Jr. tweeting about #Pizzagate, which got him fired. But since it’s CNN’s Brian Stelter, people assume the story and video must be true. Otherwise, why would such a respectable journalist retweet a completely unverified story?

Because of people’s faith in CNN and its host, #BoycottDelta started to trend on Twitter. People are boycotting the “racist” airline because of a fake news video produced by a certified internet prankster. Is this the “real-world consequences” that Hillary was talking about when she decried fake news?


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