CNN Smears Roy Moore As a Slavery Advocate

Desperate t0 keep Roy Moore from winning, CNN smears him by dredging up what he said in 2011 radio interviews.

When CNN smears Roy Moore with material from six years ago that is less controversial than what he has said while campaigning, it is obvious that they are losing. Roy Moore pointed out that the fourteenth amendment reversed the balance of power between the states and the federal government that was enshrined in the Constitution. Since this was a massive change that reversed the assumptions that controlled the writing of the Constitution, it left the courts with many problems to figure out.

This video drops some F bombs and describes some immoral behavior in raw terms, but the speaker is neither Conservative nor Christian and yet has a lot of sensible things to say about the way CNN smears Moore.

CNN reports, “Roy Moore in 2011: Getting rid of amendments after 10th would ‘eliminate many problems.’

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Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore appeared on a conspiracy-driven radio show twice in 2011, where he told the hosts in an interview that getting rid of constitutional amendments after the Tenth Amendment would ‘eliminate many problems’ in the way the US government is structured.


CNN’s KFile obtained audio from Moore’s two appearances on the show. In the same June episode, Moore invoked Adolf Hitler in a discussion about Obama’s birth certificate. In a May 2011 episode, Moore told the two radio hosts, who have repeatedly rejected the official explanation for the 9/11 attacks, that he would be open to hearings looking into “what really happened” on that day.

In Moore’s June appearance, one of the hosts says he would like to see an amendment that would void all the amendments after the Tenth.

“That would eliminate many problems,” Moore replied. “You know people don’t understand how some of these amendments have completely tried to wreck the form of government that our forefathers intended.”

Moore cited the 17th Amendment, which calls for the direct election of senators by voters rather than state legislatures, as one he particularly found troublesome.

The host agreed with Moore, before turning his attention to the 14th Amendment, which was passed during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War and guaranteed citizenship and equal rights and protection to former slaves and has been used in landmark Supreme Court cases such as Brown v. Board of Education and Obergefell v. Hodges.

“People also don’t understand, and being from the South I bet you get it, the 14th Amendment was only approved at the point of the gun,” the host said.

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