CNN says that “ISIS Will Laugh at Obama’s Speech”


A very interesting moment played out on CNN Monday when Wolf Blitzer discussed President Obama’s recent ISIS/Gun Control speech with a panel of pundits. When Blitzer turned to the Daily Beast’s Michael Weiss and wondered how ISIS would receive President Obama’s speech, Weiss held nothing back saying, “I think they’ll (ISIS) laugh, frankly… “

We have known for some time that President Obama is wildly out of touch with reality when it comes to the issue of our confrontation with ISIS in particular and with Islamic terrorism in general. However, his most recent speech in the aftermath of the Muslim terrorist attack on a San Bernardino workplace Christmas Party may just be “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” for the American people. Obama chose to focus on protecting the reputation of worldwide Islam and demagogue conservatives on gun control instead of facing facts about our fight against terrorism.

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GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee heard something similar in the speech.

It sounds to me that the president is more interested in protecting the reputation of Islam than he is in protecting the American people from a very clear threat. It’s the most inexplicable thing for a president of the United States not to want to identify. Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Can you imagine FDR going before Congress and saying, ‘We were attacked yesterday in Pearl Harbor. I really don’t want to talk about who did it, but we just want to say there were terrible people and they were thugs.’ Well who was it, Mr. President? ‘Well, we don’t want to get into – I don’t want you to have any bad feelings.’ The Japanese! And he did say that! That’s the point. Identify your enemy. Target your enemy. Take your enemy out. Stand for freedom.

Each new day brings more evidence of something that should now be clear to everyone. We cannot win the fight against ISIS and worldwide Muslim terrorism with Barack Obama (or just about any other Democrat) in the White House. America’s current cabal of liberal politicians want nothing to do with something so important as defending American lives when they could be focusing on things like gun control, the gay agenda, transgender confusion, the war on free speech, $15 minimum wage and other ridiculous foolishness.

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