CNN Says CPAC Conservatives ‘Cautiously Embrace Trump’…But That’s Not What the Video Shows!

If there was any doubt what CPAC attendees thinks of President Trump it was erased the moment he walked on stage as the crowd when crazy cheering the new Commander-in-Chief.  National Harbor’s Potomac Ballroom was packed in anticipation of seeing the president. Not only was it a standing room only crowd, they took down a movable wall behind the press area and opened an entire back room for people to stand and watch.

When Pres.Trump first spoke to CPAC in 2011 the reaction was mixed. Some loved him, the Ron Paul fans hated him, and a third group was doubtful of his conservative credentials.  This time the crowed was unified in its enthusiasm for the new president.

After thanking the CPAC crowd, and reminding them that his first major political speech was to CPAC in 2011 the President lit  into the press about fake news.

CNN was lucky the president didn’t see the video story they posted last night with the headline at “CPAC conservatives cautiously embrace Trump.”  The video which can be seen here, seemed to show that attendees were fully behind the POTUS. CNN must have realized it too as the post with the same headline was taken down. The first day of CPAC the crowd cheered every time the president’s name was mentioned.

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You know, the dishonest media, they’ll say he didn’t get a standing ovation. You know why? No, you know why? Because everybody stood and nobody sat. So they’ll say he never got a standing ovation, right?

They are the worst.

(…) I would have come last year, but I was worried that I’d be at that time too cont…

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