CNN Reports Drudge Has Integrity, Unlike Them

Never questioning their own slavish service to Clinton, CNN reports Drudge is too principled to sell out to Trump.

When CNN reports Drudge is frustrated with Donald Trump, does anyone at the Clinton News Network feel ashamed? The Drudge Report links stories about the good and bad in the Trump Administration. No one could ever credibly accuse CNN of doing the same with Clinton and the DNC.

This story reminds me of the outrage against Trump from longtime Trump advocates like Anne Coulter when he ordered missile strikes against Assad because of the allegation he ordered a chemical attack. Barack Obama never generated that kind of outrage from his followers when he ramped up drone strikes, implemented a kill list to murder American citizens, or supported jihadists in destroying Libya. From what we see, Conservatives don’t blindly follow a leader. To find such subservience you must look at the Left.

Or just watch CNN.

CNN reports, “Matt Drudge is firing warning shots at Trump, and that should worry the president.

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Matt Drudge has been in the White House an awful lot these days — “all the time,” as one senior administration official puts it. He’s met with President Donald Trump, spent time with Ivanka Trump, and doled out advice to Jared Kushner.

That he’d have influence in the Trump White House should not be all that surprising. The internet news tycoon, who founded and edits the Drudge Report, the narrative-setting conservative news website, has been one of Trump’s most ardent supporters since Trump announced his candidacy. He boosted him through the contentious Republican primaries, helped him defeat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by galvanizing the GOP base, and, for the better half of his young presidency, has stayed in sync with the White House’s talking points.

But Drudge is blindly loyal to no one — which could, ultimately, make him as dangerous to this White House as he has been helpful to it.

Indeed, lately Drudge has appeared irked by Trump and his White House, frustrated with the president’s inability to carry out the ambitious agenda he campaigned on. And he’s not being shy about it.

Over the past several weeks, Drudge’s website has covered the White House with a more critical eye, more frequently drawing attention to news not exactly flattering to the president.

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