CNN Refuses to List Unborn Among Dead at Texas Church

For the mainstream media, when the unborn are killed, they don’t count as people.

Were 26 people killed in the Texas church mass shooting, or were only 25 people killed along with one unborn child? The editors at CNN thought that was an important question and came up with the second option as their answer. Admitting that the mass shooter murdered an human being by shooting a fetus in the womb raises too many questions.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Someone at CNN apparently has a bone to pick with the unborn.

“A Texas church has held its first service since a gunman opened fire, killing 25 people and an unborn child one week ago,” read a headline published on Nov. 12.

CNN spokesman Matt Dornic assured the network’s audience that there was nothing strange about the headline’s language.

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“It was an effort to reconcile our news-gathering efforts, which identified the names of 25 victims, with the 26 number released by authorities,” he said. “And also to be specific as possible for our global audience.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety said specifically in its official count that there were “26 victims, including an unborn child.”

Read the entire Washington Examiner piece.

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