CNN Notices that Obama Likes Breaking Laws

The Obama administration may be in some trouble. CNN is starting to realize that President Obama apparently believes there is no need for him to follow our nation’s laws.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin declares unequivocally that President Obama has “clearly broken the law.”


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CNN White House correspondent Joe Johns asks Press Secretary Jay Carney if President Obama feels he “is above the law?”


The answer is obvious. Of course President Obama believes he is above the law. Just a couple of weeks ago Senator Ted Cruz outlined the most blatant examples of Obama’s flouting of our laws… and that was before this latest and possibly most egregious one. He seems to have forgotten that nearly half of us did not vote for him, so he should operate much more cautiously when making decisions for our nation. Obama believes himself to have been elected king of our country.

It’s time our other elected representatives remind him that here in America, we have no kings.

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