CNN: JFK Had “Legendary Love Life” but Trump Is a Monster

Glorifying the “Legendary life” of JFK while marginalizing Trump as unworthy of the office of President to CNN hypocrisy to a new level of brazenness.

CNN glorifies John F. Kennedy’s “Legendary Love Life” IN the White House while criticizing Trump’s alleged past affairs.

Glorifying the “Legendary love life” of JFK while marginalizing Trump as unworthy of the office of President took CNN hypocrisy to a new level of brazenness.

Of course, hypocrisy, with CNN, is nothing new:

However, the hypocrisy of extolling JFK’s “love life” while shaming Trump for allegations was so extreme, that the media erupted. Fox News posted a whole article dedicated to the blowback against CNN.

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Fox News reports, “CNN mocked for glorifying JFKs ‘legendary’ infidelity after harping on sex allegations against Trump.

CNN was slammed for hypocrisy over the weekend when the network glorified President John F. Kennedy’s many infidelities after spending significant coverage painting President Trump as a monster for an alleged affair that occurred prior to his political career.

While promoting “The Kennedys,” CNN hailed the 35th president’s “legendary love life,” before asking, “Did one of his affairs connect him with the mob?” The tweet featured video detailing JFK’s relationship with actress Judy Campbell, who was allegedly intimate with the head of the Chicago mafia while also having an affair with the president.

“Hypocrisy at its finest,” one user responded.

Author Joshua Kendall responded that “legendary love life” is a poor choice of words because it makes JFK’s infidelity sound “glamorous” and attached a link to a recent Los Angeles Times op-ed headlined, “JFK may have been a worse philanderer than Trump. Does it matter?”

Daily Caller media reporter Amber Athey quoted CNN’s promotional tweet and wrote, “That’s certainly an interesting way to describe having numerous affairs while president. I think we need to get Anderson Cooper on this to find out if JFK was wearing a condom.”

After seeing the promo, pundit Stephen Miller sarcastically channeled his inner CNN and asked, “Why does no one take us seriously when we constantly talk about Trump’s behavior with women?”

The story goes on and on.

Of course, another hypocrisy was not even mentioned, that is arguably far more important. The point of mentioning JFK’s “love life” was to ask, “Did one of his affairs connect him with the mob?”

What a stupid question! What DIDN’T connect JFK with the mob? CNN is constantly accusing Donald Trump of imagined corruption while the evidence shows that JFK was utterly a swamp creature. The best that can be said about JFK is that he and his brother might have wanted to “drain the swamp” in some small way, dispite their father, and gotten themselves killed. This article points out:

Informed observers of American politics have more than once commented to me that most of the hundred wealthiest people in the US know each other, and in addition often have connections to both the CIA and to organized crime.

There is no shortage of anecdotal examples: James Angleton of CIA Counterintelligence delivering the sole eulogy at the small private funeral of Howard Hughes, or Joseph Kennedy Sr. being a point-holder in the same casino (the Cal-Neva) as Chicago mob figure Sam Giancana. Perhaps more relevant to the milieu of the JFK assassination is the example of Clint Murchison, Sr. Murchison paid for the horse-racing holidays of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover at the same time as he sold stakes in his investments to mob figures like Jerry Catena, and enjoyed political influence in Mexico.

The statement about JFK’s father is referenced to one of the most enlightening books about the twentieth-century American politics:

These and other examples in Sally Denton and Roger Morris, The Money and the Power: The Rise and Reign of Las Vegas and Its Hold on America, 1947-2000 (New York: Knopf, 2001), 185,290, etc.

Donald Trump wants to #DrainTheSwamp—a swamp that goes back to JFK and beyond. CNN’s hypocrisy in attacking Trump is more dangerous than anyone acknowledges.

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