CNN Ignores Bombshell Wikileaks Revelation…Covers Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Size and Nike’s ‘Performance Hijab’ Instead

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Today’s biggest news story is the lack of news from the failing network CNN in light of the recent release by WikiLeaks regarding CIA spy programs (overseen by the Obama Administration) that sheds light on allegations of supposed Russian interference with our election. As of nearly 10:30 AM (PST), CNN’s homepage lacks any reference to this story.

The content of the release and its implications are separate topics, but CNN’s silence speaks almost as loudly as the documents themselves. Speculation abounds online: Are they trying to figure out how to spin this? Is their narrative so dead they have nothing to say? Are they outright ignoring this?

Regardless of the veracity of the claims by WikiLeaks or the legitimacy of the organization, this is a huge story. It changes everything. Other news organizations, including USA Today and even MSN, picked up the story earlier this morning. Even amid social media backlash that they aren’t covering it, CNN remains silent on the matter. As of 10:45 AM, they have not touched it with even a Tweet.

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They have, however, reported on the (fake) gender pay gap, Hillary Clinton receiving the Champion for Girls Award, and photos purporting to show the true size of President Trump’s Inauguration crowd. They even covered Chance the Rapper’s latest move, as well as Nike’s new performance hijab.

This stunning silence and apparent attempt to distract does not exclude their usual narrative about the latest wiretapping allegations by Trump and the fake news’ allegations about Russian interference in our election.

The real news: Democrats tried to start a war with Russia under Obama—a series of provocations hailed by the mainstream media, including CNN—and Trump sought to de-escalate tensions and repair relations with Russia in the face of Hillary Clinton’s promises to continue dragging us along on the march toward World War 3.

Since the election results rolled in, they have scrambled to create stories that project their own collusion against American interests onto Trump. Today, WikiLeaks is making that very challenging for the Clinton News Network.

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