CNN Finds Obama on “Questionable Ground” with Foreign Policy Claims – Basically He’s Lying

I love the “newspeak” that the mainstream media sometimes uses when discussing the liberal agenda. A good example took place this past week after President Obama’s State of the Union address when Wolf Blitzer said that the President was on “questionable ground” with the claims he was making about his foreign policy victories. Blitzer (and on NBC Richard Engel) then went on to strip those claims down bare, and showed them to be complete and utter fabrications.

So, “questionable ground” in this case actually meant OUTRIGHT LIES.

Which begs the question… why not just call them what they are? Watch Wolf throw a little cover Obama’s way. (Seriously, after you watch Wolf, go and watch Richard Engel to see how a journalist really takes down a liar.)


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So Wolf thinks Obama was on questionable ground with his foreign policy claims – what about the domestic issues?

This is where I really hope that the media remembers the 2015 State of the Union address in the coming months.

In most regards, the 2015 SOTU was nothing to write home about. President Obama just rehashed the same old tired speeches he’s been giving for the last 6+ years, added some current commentary and laid his standard nothing-burger of an egg. (Mixed in with a boatload of lies, of course.)

However, there was one thing pretty extraordinary about this years’ SOTU. President Obama couldn’t help himself, and he just kept repeating how he wouldn’t work with Republicans… OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

On issue after issue the President made it clear that Republicans (who were just overwhelmingly handed back the reins of leadership in Congress) would get vetoed on all of their major campaign issues. Sure, the American people may have just demanded change through the 2014 midterm election… but shoot, Obama is king and he does what he wants! (Wait… he’s not a king?)

Blitzer noticed this too…



“I don’t remember a State of the Union Address where I heard a President issue so many veto threats… to the opposite Party in the US Congress.”

obama vetoI’ll tell you why you don’t remember this ever happening before Wolf… it’s because it hasn’t!

He actually set the record for veto threats in a State of the Union address!

The media better remember this the next time they feel the urge to talk about Republican intransigence or obstruction. The truth is, obstruction works both ways and it’s usually the Party who’s not in control of the legislature that is doing the obstruction. President Obama was kind enough to illustrate that for us perfectly in the State of the Union.

He doesn’t care if Congress passes the Keystone XL Pipeline – he’s vetoing it.

He doesn’t care if Congress issues harsher Iranian sanctions – he’s vetoing it.

He doesn’t care if Congress works to fix Obamacare – he’s vetoing it.

He doesn’t care if Congress gets rid of Obamacare – he’s vetoing it.

He doesn’t care if Congress cuts taxes, spending and waste – he’s vetoing it.

He doesn’t care if Congress gets rid of regulations and makes doing business easier – he’s vetoing it.

He doesn’t care if Congress passes stricter abortion laws – he’s vetoing it.

He doesn’t care if Congress finds a way to bring world peace – he’s vetoing it…

You get the point.

Hopefully the media finally does too.

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