CNN Explores Possibility of Incoming Trump Administration Being Assassinated on Inauguration Day [VIDEO]

When I first saw this being reported on, I was sure that the headline was sensationalized. It wasn’t.

Not only did they explore the remote possibility of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and much of their potential cabinet picks being murdered in an Inauguration Day attack, they also explained that an incident like that could put someone from Obama’s cabinet in power.

In fact, during CNN’s reporting of this potential terrorist attack, they had this at the bottom of the screen: “Disaster Could Put Obama Cabinet Member in Oval Office.”

Take a look:

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Many people have pointed out how CNN’s “exploration” into this kind of possible disaster – under the guise of reporting – seems to be encouraging people to actually carry it out. We know that there are likely many people and groups who would love nothing more than to disrupt the Inauguration, cause chaos, and maybe even try to take Trump out.

I wonder if this is simply one of CNN’s revenge fantasies to get back at Trump for calling them ‘fake news.’

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