CNN Employees Feel Payback from Internet

Naturally, the CNN employees say they are being unfairly targeted… without noticing the irony.

Whether right or not, there is nothing surprising about CNN employees getting their personal information publicized. Did they not think that CNN’s threat against everyone on the internet would have consequences? The internet is striking back. Some of the payback against CNN is merely a proliferation of new memes.

But others have gone further. The Mirror, at the Daily Caller, reports, “EXCLUSIVE: CNN Staff Reeling After Personal Info Leaked.

Several anchors and reporters at CNN have had their home addresses published and have received threats of rape and other violence in the wake of a story published by Andrew Kaczynski, who heads up the network’s investigative K-FILE team. Anti-network trolls are encouraging viewers to wrongly accuse CNN staffers of pedophilia and child pornography. There is also “tons of anti-Semitism.”

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“Frustration” is the predominant feeling inside CNN, The Mirror has learned.


To be sure, Kaczynski’s home address has been posted online as have those of various CNN anchors and reporters.

“Frustrated by our critics’ double standards,” a CNN insider said on condition of anonymity. “Frustrated that CNN staffers’ private information is being published in ‘retaliation’ — when the network made the decision to not out the Reddit user. Frustrated by the speed in which misinformation, lies and hate spreads. Frustrated that POTUS’s son has no accountability.”

Some CNN employees are taking steps to protect themselves, but details are hush-hush as revealing them could jeopardize employing safety measures in the first place.

There is no double standard here. CNN admitted that they only kept the alleged meme maker’s identity private because he apologized, removed all offensive material, promised never to do it again, and agreed that his groveling should serve as a warning to others. CNN employees have not done any of that. So, by their own standards, their identities are fair game.

The idea of accusing them of vile crimes that they didn’t do is wrong, but notice they don’t claim anyone has actually accused them of anything.

Read the rest of the Mirror story.

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