CNN Anchor says Constitution Protects Free Speech NOT “Hate Speech”

On Wednesday CNN’s Chris Cuomo (Yale Law School Grad) stepped into a hornet’s nest when he implied that the Constitution somehow excluded hate speech from First Amendment protection. It, of course, does no such thing.


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Sadly for Mr. Cuomo, the Twitterverse caught him in the act of bulls***ing and they let him have it. Cuomo quickly tried to reverse course by claiming of course he didn’t mean the “actual” Constitution. He meant that the “Chaplinsky Test” from a 1942 Supreme Court case said that hate speech wasn’t protected. Except that in the ensuing years the Chaplinsky ruling has been whittled down to basically mean using “fighting words” in the face of a person you are attempting to aggravate.

Over time federal courts have narrowed that ruling to make clear that it only applies, in Ken White’s words, to “face-to-face insults that would provoke an immediate violent reaction from a reasonable person.” In other words, says Instapundit, a “personal invitation to brawl.”




Finally tired of defending himself but also unwilling to admit that he made a titanic blunder, Cuomo begs off in defeat.



Did you get all that?

Cuomo went from Hate Speech isn’t protected by the First Amendment (even telling people who say they “love” the Constitution to read it), to ending with Hate Speech is protected… except for “fighting words”. Those are two very different things and everyone not named Chris Cuomo can see it. This isn’t the first time Cuomo has proven his own foolishness… and I doubt it will be the last.

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