CNN Admits that the Media is Out to get Sarah Palin and Her Family

A while back there was a disturbing story that was being reported across all of the popular media outlets. The Palin family had been involved in some kind of drunken brawl in Alaska… but the Palin’s part of the story quickly became secondary to what was happening among the media outlets who were reporting on it.

The brawl and the recorded evidence of what happened became the butt of many jokes in even the most reputable news outlets.

The people who report the news were laughing at the Palin family for the situation that they found themselves involved in!

The news reporters seemed to be actively cheering on the bad news the Palin family had become a part of – and none of these news outlets seemed to realize what they were doing.

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After the initial shock of the Palin family’s problems wore off, conservatives started to attack these same outlets for the obvious bias they had shown against the Palin’s.



Most of the media (even the liberals) realized they’d made a HUGE mistake.

About the same time as the Palin’s were suffering under the unfair media spotlight – a second child of Vice President Joe Biden had become wrapped up in an ugly cocaine scandal. The adult children of Joe Biden have gotten in trouble with cocaine on a couple of occasions now… but the media didn’t have anything to say about them.

Now some in the media are finally hearing the call to repentance on the Palin escapade and they are responding, though it honestly feels like a case of too little, too late.



Ironically… (or maybe in Costello’s case I should say “appropriately enough”) Carol Costello made waves over the summer when she demanded that ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith be suspended for suggesting that Janay Rice played a role in the violent attack her husband, Ray Rice, perpetrated on her.


It is nice that Smith apologized, but I wonder if ESPN will do what it ought to do — suspend Smith… why is ESPN giving Smith a pass?

So it’s not okay for Smith to suggest that the Rice’s were arguing and things got out of hand … but it is okay for Costello to laugh at Bristol Palin as she describes getting attacked by a man? That doesn’t sound equitable or fair. If Smith should have been suspended (which by the way, he was) then Costello should also be suspended.

Anyone want to argue that the media isn’t biased against conservatives?

I’ll leave you with Afghan war Hero and Wounded Warrior J.R. Salzman’s take on the Palin/Biden connection and how the media has mistreated the Palin family. It’s fantastic.



Isn’t it sad that those tweets seem over-the-top and yet all-together accurate?

Why does the media seem obsessed with bringing down Republicans while simultaneously propping up Democrats?

Could it be because the media has become the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party? I think the coverage speaks for itself…

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