CNN Admits – Only Conservatives Talking About Obamacare Architect’s “Stupid Americans” Comments

CNN’s Brian Stelter, host of Reliable Sources, admitted on Thursday that the mainstream media doesn’t seem very interested in covering Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s comments (see here and here) that Obamacare passed because of “American stupidity.”



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It is amazing that a story which has shocked conservatives (who already knew Obamacare designers were lying) wouldn’t even rate a hiccup for the very people that Gruber was implying were “stupid” (Democrat voters).

As to Brooke Baldwin’s belief that the lack of airtime has more to do with Obamacare fatigue than it does a media conspiracy… that is just preposterous. Imagine if next month’s Obamacare enrollment numbers were wonderful – better than anything the Obama administration could hope for – do you think the media would be covering the story? Of course they would!

It may not be a “conspiracy,” but the media’s ignoring of the Gruber comments is surely a calculated move by each of the major media outlets to limit negative information about Obamacare. Which is sad, because this should be a much bigger mainstream story.

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