CNBC Host on Fake News and Trump Being Under Investigation

CNBC host Larry Kudlow was disdainful at media reporters for insinuating and in some cases flat-out stating that President Trump is under investigation.

The media obviously isn’t going to take Trump’s word for it that Comey told him he’s not under investigation. They’re going to say that there’s no evidence of Comey relaying that to Trump on three separate occasions.

The thing is, no one in any official capacity has said anything about Trump being under investigation. Some of Trump’s campaign associates, sure. But not the President.

And yes, Comey has said that there is an investigation into Russia’s alleged influence into the 2016 election. But that doesn’t mean that Trump must be at the center of that investigation.

But all liberals hear is that Trump is under investigation, because Russia is. Russia equals Trump. And since Trump had Comey canned, obviously it was because he was ‘getting too close’ in his investigation into Trump.

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The whole thing smacks of fake news. And that’s just what Larry Kudlow said:

There’s so much conflation and confusion here. At no point has anyone said that this investigation – about Russia and the election – had anything to do with Donald Trump. Now, I’ve heard reporters say Trump is being investigated. They are wrong. 

No one has said that. So far as the letter to Comey, Trump says several times I’m not being investigated. We don’t know exactly what is meant by that… No one has ever said… the original New York Times story… it might have been the 17th paragraph, they said Trump was not involved. 

It was his people, Flynn, Paul Manafort, and so forth, but he has never been. There is no evidence he was ever involved…

You will get reporters – this really gets my blood hot – they’re saying it’s an investigation of Trump and now he’s trying to cover it up by firing Comey. That is simply incorrect.

That is fake news, period. 

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