Close that Closet Door!

The Closet Should Have A Closed Door


My wife is so magnificent that I don’t know how I missed

It for so many intermediate years.

She was there,

Right in front of me,

Like the feeling of grandeur in a church.

I am an agnostic.

But you know what I mean because I respect the religious

And hate atheists.

I hate myself

When I am not loving myself like accidental meaning.

I do not know how men can love each other

In a sexual somersault.

Don’t they recognize the beauty of a woman is enough

To blow our brains out.

Something so magnificent,

Her touch,

Her hunch,

Her perfume.

Gays should not have pride.

They should hide.

The closet should have a closed door.

Procreation should be a possibility in every relation.

The distance of differences leads to attraction.

Gays should be left alone but leave us alone.

They can only fool liberals because liberals are fools.

If they ever get us to approve of them emotionally

The world will be at a significant romantic loss.

Planets like Mars and Venus will fall from the sky.

Disorder will reign like Obama’s government.

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