Clinton Grossly Negligent with Emails

The FBI originally found Hillary Clinton grossly negligent in how she treated emails with classified material.

Now the news has come out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation found Hillary Clklllinton grossly negligent in the way the Secretary of State handled emails with classified material. But that would have triggered charges and Clinton is above the law. So, the terminology was changed in the final report so that there would be no criminal charges. Of course, the FBI denies any malfeasance.

The Washington Times reports, “FBI originally deemed Clinton ‘grossly negligent’ in handling of secret emails.

The FBI originally planned to say that Hillary Clinton was “grossly negligent” in her handling of her secret emails, a top senator said Monday, revealing early drafts of the statement former FBI Director James Comey drew up.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, demanded the FBI detail why Mr. Comey nixed that phrase in later drafts.

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Gross negligence would seem to be a high enough standard to have prosecuted Mrs. Clinton — though Mr. Comey ended up not recommending charges, saying that while the former first lady, senator and top diplomat was clueless, he couldn’t prove she knew how badly she was risking national security.

In hearings awhile back, Trey Gowdy mentioned gross negligence more than once:

Read the full Washington Times story.

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