Climate Scientist Attacked for Denying Man-Made Global Warming!

How many times have scientists brought up the Galileo Affair as an example of how scientists have been persecuted because of a disagreement over ideology? every school textbook has at least a few pages on how Galileo challenged the “settled science” of the day. He is a science saint.

How times have changed. To question any element of the theory of evolution (spontaneous generation), the claim that same-sex sexuality is contrary to biology, that abortion does not kill a human being, or that man-made “climate change” is “settle science” will get you ostracized from the scientific community.

Here’s the latest:

“Philippe Verdier, weather chief at France Télévisions, the country’s state broadcaster, has been taken off the air after releasing his book Climat Investigation (Climate Investigation).

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“In the book Mr Verdier accuses leading climatologists and political leaders of having ‘taken the world hostage’ with misleading data.


“’We are hostage to a planetary scandal over climate change – a war machine whose aim is to keep us in fear.’

According to Mr Verdier, top climate scientists have been ‘manipulated and politicised.'”

These top climate scientists have been manipulated because they “rely on state funding.”

Verdier isn’t the first Frenchman to question the science behind man-made climate change and to be denied the ability to challenge the science behind the claim…


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