Climate Change Chill? Chicago and Detroit Break Century-Plus Long Records

It climate change is global warming that why aren’t the winters milder? Not only are they not turning milder, that are in fact getting colder. In fact, April in Chicago is breaking a record thirteen decades old!

The two cities of Chicago and Detroit have experienced a frosty climate change that breaks records of well over a hundred years.

If climate change is global warming then why aren’t the winters milder? Not only are they not turning milder, they are in fact getting colder. April in Chicago is breaking a record thirteen decades old!

I don’t doubt that “Spring snow” represents climate change, but I don’t see how it represents any kind of warming.

The Chicago Tribune reports, “More spring snow in Chicago, and forecasters call April’s start among coldest in 130 years.

Chicago area residents may wake up to snow on the ground Thursday, the latest reminder that winter weather’s grip is delaying so many spring rites of passage, from Major League Baseball games to bridge-lifting season on the Chicago River downtown – the parade of boats heading for slips offering the surest sign of warm weather ahead.

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And if those early morning walks to the bus or train stop weren’t convincing enough, forecasters say this is the second-coldest start to April across Chicago in 130 years.

Some 1-2 inches of snow were expected to fall by early Thursday, adding to the 2.7 inches already recorded at O’Hare International Airport in April, said Charles Mott, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Romeoville. That would mark the fifth time this month we’ve seen snowfall, according to forecasters.

“It is rare. … Getting anything an inch-plus is definitely rare this time of year,” Mott said.

Though next week is poised to bring dry weather and seasonal temperatures of about 50 degrees, it’s too early to predict whether Chicago has beaten winter yet.

The latest snow in Chicago happened on May 11, 1966, and the city had its latest snowfall of more than 1 inch on May 1, 1940, according to the weather service.

Read the whole Chicago Tribune story.

Chicago is not the only metro area breaking cold records that are more than a centry. Detroit has broken an even longer weather record!

The Detroit News reports, “April on track to be the coldest in 143 years.

No, you’re not crazy. It has been the coldest April in more than 140 years.

A year ago today, on April 19, 2017, it was 78 degrees and sunny, while Thursday’s expected high is 48 degrees, said National Weather Service meteorologist Trent Frey.

As of Thursday, the average temperature for April is 38.3 degrees, slightly warmer than April 1874, the coldest on record at 37.6 degrees.

“The average high (in April) for Detroit last year was 60 degrees, believe it or not,” Frey said. “If April ended tomorrow, it would be the second-coldest on record.”

He said if the weather stays consistent, April will be on track to be the coldest since 1874 […].

Read the entire Detroit News story.

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